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Holiday Inn Sunspree Bahamas 07/14/03
Reviewers Rating: Fair
We stayed at the Sunspree in early July 2003 and found it very dissapointing.Admitted, we werent expecting Atlantis standards,but it was still somewhat of a shock! I had read reviews which gave ratings of a budget, but value for money holiday. It was like a prison sentence! I will try to make my review constructive, however.

Food, which was all buffet style was poor,we found that we had to be in the Dining room as soon as it was opened @ 7:00am 12:00 pm and 6:00pm to get even a warm meal,for any sitting.The regimentation of the timing was very restraining in itself. The food for lunch was the same every day, disguised to look different.Mainly fruit, cereal and American style cookies etc for breakfast, tired old salad at lunch, and the evening meals were themed.If you didnt like Chinese,Mexican or whatever, you were stuck. There were Barbecues on alternate nights which were better than the buffet meals.There was an alternative restaurant that had to be booked 24hrs in advance, but you couldnt eat there on a regular basis,it was always booked up, and besides, the menu never changed. The food however was good and hot!I wouldnt rate this hotel for very young children who are often fussy eaters,unless you allowed them to eat junk food from the Wahoo Grill every day, all of which is based around chips/nuggets and burgers.

The service was the worst I have ever experienced in any Hotel anywhere in the world.They all seemed to be very young and inexperienced,and any of them anywhere in the Hotel couldnt give two hoots about your requirements. Peak season, and peak meal times saw dirty tables crawling with ants and people with their plates of food in their hands waiting to be seated at a clean table, whilst staff ambled around chatting.

The bar served brands of drinks I have never heard of,most of which smelt like meths and the service was very poor there too.When it got really busy, they would simply dissapear for 10 minutes. There was no plastic cups for soft drinks, nine times out of ten, and a trip to the bar was a 20 minute job.Terrible in the heat of the day. We bought drinking cannisters and filled them up when we could.

The pool was very good,and very clean,really suitable for Children but I was amazed to find too few sunbeds for a full capacity hotel,with no cushions,(ouch!, very uncomfortable) and no Sun shades, except the ones fixed in a dining table,in temperatures of 90 degrees. Not good for the Children, many of which got very distressed and agitated very quickly due to the heat and lack of shade. Parents were having to sit indoors which defeats the point of taking a holiday. The man made beach was very small, but clean, overlooking the harbour, (not the ocean).The water was very clean also for swimming.

The rooms were clean, and fully equipped,iron, coffee maker, and fridge etc but cost considerably more if you wanted a balcony.The windows didnt open at all in non balcony rooms.There were vending and ice machines on all even numbered floors, and there was also a fitness room, with treadmill, x trainer, bike and weights. The hotel shop was actually cheaper for most things than the shops at Hurricane Hole Plaza.The Bahamas itself, we found very expensive, very dull, and over-rated. We were so pleased that we had not subjected any children to the resort. Nassau was swarming with Cruise liner passengers each day,an average of four liners carrying thousands of passengers and was very commercialised, with locals pestering you for cash handouts.There is nothing to do, but pay to go on expensive day trips, or sit at the hotel around the pool, or walk to Cabbage Beach ten minutes away, which is beautiful, but has no Sun lounger facilities to hire.The cheapest day trip I saw was for $45 which was a 3 hr cruise in an old boat,around the island and the majority of people were paying to go and spend a day on a beach somewhere! The Hotel entertainment was non existant,at night, apart from a TV in a smokey foyer, with a tiny bar in the corner! the only other alternative is a 5 minute stroll being subjected for the entire duration to timeshare persecution up to the Atlantis, but be prepared to pay to get in there too in the day. All in all, I wouldnt recommend the Hotel, or the Bahamas unless you are a couple looking to get away from it all in Sandals or some other top notch resort down in cable beach, and even then, I would try to dissuade you. For what it costs to get there, a family could have a good holiday somewhere else, Florida for example with plenty of activities for half the price.If you are desperate to visit, then the Sunspree is acceptable if you are prepared to eat out,or eat their food and spend your days at the bar, getting the benefit of the all inclusive.

My verdict. Very poor,very dissapointing. I have had better self catering holidays in mainland Spain. I feel this resort is definately not worthy of its ratings in any of the brochures.

You have been warned!


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