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Atlantis PAradise Island 03/24/04
Reviewers Rating: Fair
I have been to Atlantis twice before and loved it! Yes, our rooms were never ready and you could never check out late, but we rolled with the punches. Until this time. Time #3. My father and husband got food poisoning from Murry's deli on our last night. We went to the resort Doctor, who diagnosed them with food poisoning and gave them prescriptions. We missed our flight and have a Dr note for insurance purposes. While they were at the DR and I was watching my 9 month old son, i received a phone call telling us they are over-booked and we need to check out. They had found us the last 2 rooms in Nassau at a 2 star hostel down the road. They wouldn't even let us stay in our rooms. We faught. We got our rooms back (after over-hearing they were going to give 4 over-booked villa's to the man beside me who was a high roller in the casino). Nobody called to check if we were well or even comfortable. We had to pay for our rooms FULL PRICE and any other expenses we had. We never recieved a cot we requested on day 1. BOTH our TV's were broken and had to be replaced, our shower didn't work and we were charged for stuff out of the mini bar and we didn't use it. The book said internet was $.05 a minute, we got a 3 minute charge of $6.00. We were told they upped our prices to $.50. They said they would refund us and never did! My baby threw up all over the crib one night, so I asked for an extra sheet...I saw it 2 days later. When we filed our security report for the food posoning, we asked for a copy...we had to go down 2 days later and fight for it. The service SUCKS!! I would much rather go elsewhere. The pools were FREEZING and half of the slot machines didn't work. Sounds fun huh? We are still in the process of fighting for our rooms.


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favorite hotels

4 stars The Westin at Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort

The Westin at Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort
Hotel Details | Book Hotel | Book With Air
Large Grand Bahama beach and golf resort
  • Located on Grand Bahama's south shore, the Westin hotel and its companion property make up a 372-acre beach resort.
  • The 749 air-conditioned guestrooms—most offering ocean views—feature Westin's signature Heavenly Beds and Heavenly Baths.
  • Resort attractions include four large pools, a casino, two golf courses, a health spa, and 10 restaurants in a shopping/dining village.

3 stars Sheraton at Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort

Sheraton at Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort
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Large, family-oriented beach and golf resort
  • The Sheraton, set on a half-mile-long Grand Bahama beach, shares 372 acres with a companion hotel.
  • The 550 casual, air-conditioned guestrooms feature Sheraton's Sweet Sleeper Beds, comforters, and spacious tub/showers.
  • Attractions include a children's activity center, two golf courses, water sports, and a shopping/dining village.

4 stars Atlantis- Paradise Island Coral Towers

Atlantis- Paradise Island Coral Towers
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Medium-priced tower in water-themed Atlantis resort
  • Flanked by 11 million gallons of water attractions, this tower lies between Atlantis' other two towers in location and price.
  • Tropical guestrooms include full, furnished balconies and water or non-water views. The lobby features an atrium waterfall.
  • The Atlantis beachfront resort includes a health spa, casino, water-sports lagoon, and the world's largest tropical marine habitat.

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