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Ritz Beach Resort, Freeport, Grand Bahamas 11/17/04
Reviewers Rating: Fair
Hello, please post. Thank you..


I found 4 reviews on a resort review website that had to do with fraud credit card use at the Ritz Beach Resort in Freeport, Grand Bahamas - one was for a trip in the early week of January 2004, the other two written in March 2004, and the last one was written in August 2004. I, too, stayed at the Ritz Beach Resort during the third week of January 2004. Five days after my return, someone had made about $4,000 worth of purchases on my credit card. I was very upset. I felt violated, knowing that it was one of the staff at the resort - either at the front desk when I had to check-in for an upgraded room and during check-out, or at the Timeshare sales office since I had purchased “The Villa” timeshare during my stay and had used the same credit card in the amount of $3,198.00 for the down payment and closing cost. The Ritz Beach Resort was the only place I’ve used that particular credit card. The credit card company deducted the fraud charges, of course, but when I tried to dispute the $3,198.900 charges from canceling the timeshare contract, they had difficulty getting through and it eventually was denied… I have been trying to contact the Ritz since January 2004. I have written, called, faxed, emailed several Timeshare sales staff, and have even dealt with their Security people, but to no avail, no response. I am not going to give up. My last communication with them was an email sent the first week of September 2004… that if I don’t receive a reimbursement soon, I will inform all the Resort Review websites and the whole world will know what they have done to me. My Mother had just passed away recently, and I need to help pay for the funeral arrangements that were made during her passing…

Thank you very much..... from San Francisco, California

Sue M.

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favorite hotels

4 stars The Westin at Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort

The Westin at Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort
Hotel Details | Book Hotel | Book With Air
Large Grand Bahama beach and golf resort
  • Located on Grand Bahama's south shore, the Westin hotel and its companion property make up a 372-acre beach resort.
  • The 749 air-conditioned guestrooms—most offering ocean views—feature Westin's signature Heavenly Beds and Heavenly Baths.
  • Resort attractions include four large pools, a casino, two golf courses, a health spa, and 10 restaurants in a shopping/dining village.

3 stars Sheraton at Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort

Sheraton at Our Lucaya Beach & Golf Resort
Hotel Details | Book Hotel | Book With Air
Large, family-oriented beach and golf resort
  • The Sheraton, set on a half-mile-long Grand Bahama beach, shares 372 acres with a companion hotel.
  • The 550 casual, air-conditioned guestrooms feature Sheraton's Sweet Sleeper Beds, comforters, and spacious tub/showers.
  • Attractions include a children's activity center, two golf courses, water sports, and a shopping/dining village.

4 stars Atlantis- Paradise Island Coral Towers

Atlantis- Paradise Island Coral Towers
Hotel Details | Book Hotel | Book With Air
Medium-priced tower in water-themed Atlantis resort
  • Flanked by 11 million gallons of water attractions, this tower lies between Atlantis' other two towers in location and price.
  • Tropical guestrooms include full, furnished balconies and water or non-water views. The lobby features an atrium waterfall.
  • The Atlantis beachfront resort includes a health spa, casino, water-sports lagoon, and the world's largest tropical marine habitat.

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